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Medical Billing And Coding

Medical Billing and Coding

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Medical Coding Services with a Twist

For today's healthcare professionals, receiving enough reimbursement for medical services performed is a difficulty. Your clinic is at a larger risk of recurrent denials, revenue deficits, and compliance difficulties as the number of self-pay patients grow and legal regulations become more complicated. Maintaining and expanding a healthy, lucrative business may be difficult without specialized professionals to help manage the process and work with physicians to guarantee correct paperwork. Medical coding that is accurate and complete is a must-have for modern, effective healthcare operations.

Medical Billing and Coding Virtual Assistant

We Provide Medical Billing and Coding Services

My Assistant Services have the greatest infrastructure in the business and the necessary skills to deliver a wide range of medical billing and coding services to international clients. You won't have to worry about managing your revenue cycle after you've partnered with us since our quick medical coding team will properly classify the services provided, and our billing team will guarantee that claims are reimbursed on time. As a result, we assist you in effectively controlling your cash flow. The following are some of the most important services we provide:

Services for Medical Billing

Our billing staff ensures that all bills are properly filled out and submitted. We realize how critical it is to input information accurately in order to avoid delays or denials. Whether it's a superbill or an encounter form, our skilled team will input patient information, CPT and ICD codes, modifiers, number of units, and date of treatment properly and effectively. We also perform quality checks at many levels to verify that the data is accurate.

Services for Medical Coding

Medical coding accuracy is essential for all healthcare professionals. We can assist you in ensuring regulatory compliance and improving coding accuracy. All you have to do now is scan and submit your patient data to our secure FTP server. Then, on a daily basis, our experienced coding staff will download and evaluate these files. Finally, our Quality Assurance (QA) professionals will examine the filed claims for the following:

  • Auditing Services for Medical Coding
  • Medical Coding Services by HCC
  • ICD-10 diagnoses that are incorrect or missing
  • CPT-4 modifications that are incorrect or missing
  • CPT procedure codes that are incorrect or missing

The Benefits

You may increase your revenue while lowering your compliance risks by outsourcing your medical coding services. For physicians working in complicated, high-volume hospital environments, we are specialists in radiology medical billing and coding. By minimizing lag days, simplifying claims filing, and lowering the time and expense burden of administrative activities, our staff and our unique workflow technology will enhance your practice's profitability.

  • Our complete coding services are provided as part of our entire medical billing services or as a stand-alone solution for businesses that handle their own billing.
  • Expert, qualified coders that specialize in your account and are devoted to it.
  • A thorough procedure customized to your company's policies and procedures.
  • A unique workflow management system that helps with coding and keeps track of all records, codes, and statuses.
  • A multi-faceted rules engine that ensures code assignment accuracy and compliance.
  • Charge input that is automated to eliminate human processes and mistakes
  • An integrated communication approach for identifying and preventing documentation problems.
  • An organization dedicated to customer service and education, as well as a thorough understanding of all parts of the revenue cycle.

Changing health reform by the government areas of now wreaking havoc on revenue management for multiple healthcare practitioners, with different challenges such as higher refusals and operation cost, lower reimbursements, and less time spent on patient care owing to enhanced administrative tasks and more complicated coding.

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