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Data Entry is a clerical work in which data, such as customer information, is inputted or updated on computers by typing, scanning, or other methods. It is an undeniably crucial part of an organization.

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What is Data Entry?

Data Entry is a clerical work in which data, such as customer information, is inputted or updated on computers by typing, scanning, or other methods. It is an undeniably crucial part of an organization.

Although it may sound simple, data entry is a tedious and complex job that can take up a lot of time and requires professional experience, which can be a drawback for organizations, especially new startups, as it can prevent them from focusing and working on their main goals.

Most organizations prefer to hire either experts or agencies that provide data entry services. Hiring experts is an expensive option which is why people prefer agencies over hiring individual experts.

What are the Features of an Excellent Data Entry Service Agency ?

With many data entry service providers in the market, there are certain features that sets a good agency apart. These features also form the core of an agency and represent their values along with their work ethics.

Any flaw in these areas shows their lack of knowledge and competence to deal with their clients which naturally makes them an unsuitable choice to entrust your data with. One cannot compromise even the least when it comes to privacy and important data.

These important features include but are not limited to :

1. Prioritising their customer's privacy.

2. Responsibly handling data.

3. Always being there for their customer and understanding their perspective.

4. Having valuable experience and expertise in providing the best services possible.

5. Having affordable rates.

6. Being transparent and honest in their services.

The problem is that most of the agencies either have all the above features but are expensive and are beyond the reach of small businesses or they might have affordable but not all of the other features. The one thing that most companies lack is expertise.

When it comes to data entry expertise is the most important thing above all. Some of the company's assistants lack expertise required to give their best services to an organization.

Choosing the right agency is important as you are entrusting your company's data with them. This is why most people trust and choose My Assistant Service because of which it has secured a place among the best virtual assistant service providers.

My Assistant Services

My Assistant Services is a virtual assistant service providing agency with its services running across the USA, Canada, Australia, and India. This well-renowned company strives to provide you with the success you dream of. It is a one-stop solution for all of your digital services.

The company has experts with great experience and aims to provide high-quality work on time. It takes immense pride in its employees, and their service level is unmatchable. With an experience of 6 years, the company provides virtual services across a wide range of fields, but data entry is one of its top services.

  • My Assistant Services promises to maintain data integrity and privacy.
  • They have a large team of top-notch professionals that work with extreme accuracy and precision to provide you with the best experience possible.
  • They ensure that work is flawless and guarantee a 100% satisfactory rate replying within 48 hours and are present for their customers 24/7. They are always ready to answer their customer's queries irrespective of their time zone.
  • Their team is highly competitive, and they give you the best quality experts within 24 hours who are dedicated to providing their best service to you and your organization.

The best part is My Assistant Service provides the best professionals at an affordable rate, i.e., at just $ 7.50 / hr ! This makes it affordable for companies with low budgets and looking for exceptional service. This is what sets the company apart from other data entry service providers in the market.

The employees hired go through a multi-layer screening process, after which only the top 1% are selected to work. You also have the power to quickly change your assistant in case you aren't satisfied with their performance or any other reason, which is not a service many virtual service agencies provide you.

The data entry agency is always working on adding innovative ideas to make data entry easier and provide seamless data conversion services. They also provide data tailored according to their client's requests. You also have the advantage of no long-term commitments, which makes the agency an ideal choice for new businesses.

For the company, work ethics are the most important thing, and they will abide by them no matter what. They value the trust that their clients put in them with their data, and hence they handle it responsibly and efficiently.

Some of the data entry services the agency provides are :

  • Online/Offline Data Entry
  • Image Data Entry
  • Claim Entry of Insurance
  • Database Data Entry
  • Data Entry from books
  • Yellow Pages Data Entry
  • Directory Data Entry
  • Data Entry on the Excel sheet
  • Legal Document Entry
  • Accounting Data Entry
Some of the other services include:
  • Data Processing
  • Data Conversion
  • Data Typing
  • Data Cleansing

My Assistant Services has achieved many customers that have nothing but positive reviews about them. There are clients who claim that the agency has strictly followed and abided by the terms and conditions they agree to. Most of them agreed that the agency had given them personalised attention to every one of their interests. They have also said that they were 100% satisfied with its services and that the company's services exceeded their expectations. However, it is undoubtedly proved that My Assistant Services is one of the best agencies to turn to for data entry services.

The Data Entry agency is growing fast due to its extravagant services that have satisfied several clients throughout the globe. Its quality and timely delivery of work and work ethic makes it an ideal choice for every organization, big or small. It is undoubtedly one of the best agencies to turn to for data entry services.

best data entry services

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