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Paralegal/ Legal Virtual Assistant

Emails, phone conversations, social media management, administrative tasks, and paper papers are all over the place in law offices. Lawyers, on the other hand, spend the majority of their time in court, analyzing each case, gathering important material, and engaging with clients for in-depth analysis. My Assistant Services are here to the rescue!

Need Help With Legal Virtual Assistant?


You might believe that employing a legal assistant in-house is the best option in this situation. But what about solo practitioners and small legal firms that are always limited by finances or lack the time to handle the recruiting process? This is where virtual legal assistants can help!


Many law firms have already begun to outsource their legal and paralegal work to virtual legal assistants situated in far-flung locations. This business choice allows them to concentrate on their core competencies while also saving money (virtual legal assistants are far less expensive and do not require infrastructure support).

My Assistant Services provides law firms and multinational enterprises with a completely legal, paralegal, and administrative assistant services that are critical to the smooth operation of their businesses. We help law firms and corporate legal departments with legal compliance, commercial disputes, company structuring, and other difficulties.

Virtual Paralegal Assistant

The following are some of the advantages of using virtual legal assistant services for your law firm:

Saving you time and money- As a busy attorney, you know you don't have enough time because you're constantly swamped with various duties and team management. Hiring a virtual legal assistant, on the other hand, will free up your time. You won't have to handle non-core operations, pay employee benefits, give needed software to staff, incur infrastructure costs, or anything else. Lawyers may simply focus on essential legal elements and save money on needless costs with so much relief.

Client Experience– Hiring virtual legal assistants provides clients with an excellent customer experience. Assistants aid attorneys and law firms in fulfilling all of their obligations to clients. Virtual legal assistants are always one step ahead of the competition in every element of their work, from client conversations to administrative chores.

Better Services - Virtual legal assistants are constantly up to speed on the most recent technologies. As a result, consumers may obtain effective services in a short period of time while staying within their budget.

Responsibilities we can take for you

  • Contract Administration Legal drafting, redrafting, abstraction, review, proofreading, editing, and precedent/template development are some of the services we provide.
  • Document review, litigation coding, database administration, and indexing are all part of the discovery management process.
  • Primary and secondary sources are used in legal research and analysis.
  • Exhibit Preparation for Trial
  • Patents, Copyrights, and Trademarks are only a few examples of intellectual property management.
  • Transcription, typing, and digitization of legal documents
  • Services for Patents
  • Directly communicate with attorneys, clerical employees, courtroom personnel, clients, expert witnesses, and commercial vendors.
  • Clients, attorneys, paralegals, opposing counsel, municipal officials, and others can be reached through phone, e-mail, and video conferencing.
  • Letters, memoranda, and a lot of them.
  • Legal papers, such as briefs and pleadings, should be proofread.
  • Project management and document flow management are two of the most important aspects of project management.
  • Organize your computer files.
  • Keep track of deadlines.

Law companies can gain access to external expertise, decreased turnaround time, cost savings, and flexibility by outsourcing legal procedures, including data entry duties, to a reputed legal process outsourcing provider. Using the services of a legal virtual assistant has numerous advantages, including completing duties quickly, working in different time zones, meeting deadlines, and adhering to each client's laws and regulations by following a unique code of conduct. However, deciding which activities to efficiently outsource to a legal VA is highly dependent on the specific circumstances and demands of the law business.

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